Then vs. Now… The Good Old Days

This post will introduce yet another series for the coming weeks and months. I am determined to push today’s politics to the back burner at RJsCorner and this new series will help accomplish that. Setting that up is what this post is all about.

This new theme is about comparing “The Good Old Days” to our present times. Each post will give you yesterday’s and today’s view of the chosen topic and to then I will vote for which I think is better. When you read each post I encourage you to agree or disagree with my vote. RJsCorner is an interactive place, that’s what makes in interesting.

I know I am an old person, I recognize that fact every morning when I look into the mirror, but I just don’t feel like one for a whole day at a time that is. I kinda see myself, apparently not unlike so many of my fellow Boomers, as being in-tune with today but sometimes I will admit the past was better. It will be interesting, even for me, to see where my vote will end up on each topic? As usual with this sort of thing. I have already drafted about a dozen topics waiting to be fleshed out.

Given that I am a septuagenarian, I guess I need to define the-good-old-days. For us Boomers they likely include 1940s – 1970s. For the Millennials out there they would likely be 1990 – 2010. A lot has changed since my good-old-days so I will have much to talk about here.

My creative side demands that I design a new banner for each theme I come up with. The picture behind the one above is of me at the age of 8 years celebrating my big brother’s birthday. You will find me behind the “Good” text. 🤣 That year, like many since has been a tale-of-two-cities in that it had its ups and downs. It would be the last year that I lived my big brother as mom took him when she went searching for greener pastures. It was also a year when I flunked the second grade. I was a sickly kid who missed much of that year so the nuns decided I should take that grade again.

Closing out here, if you have any suggestions for this new “Now vs Then” category let me know. I think you will enjoy this new category and I hope you will give me your thoughts on every topic chosen.

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