Joy Is A State Of Mind

This post is a continuation of yesterday’s post about the Pursuit Of Happiness. As we discovered yesterday happiness is an ocassional event while Joy is a state of mind. Finding Joy is what this post is about.

Ok, so how do I obtain a joyful mindset? That is the question that should be asked especially in these times of so much negative thinking? Here are a few things I have found to make myself a more joyful person.

During the day I clear the clutter from my head so that I can be more aware of the joy in my life.

Some do that with transcendental meditation but I have a different method. I am a techie deep into my heart and have discovered that I can get into a joyful mode during my Apple Watch breathing sessions. I know your eyes are rolling now but hear me out. 🙄

The first time Siri told me via my new watch to stop everything and just breathe for a minute, I was almost shocked. It was the first time my watch vibrated me to get my attention. That alone was a little disturbing but I did what she said anyway. I have had an Apple Watch for about three years now and have found an increased level of joy because of it. My mind tends to race through the day, so stopping did not come naturally to me. But, I have since come to depend on these one minute intervals throughout the day to help me understand what is important vs what is immediate. Quieting the constant chatter in my mind helps bring me joy.

Think For Yourself

You probably shouldn’t be surprised to see one of the mottos of my life on this list. In regard to joy, we all need to look at the things in our lives and determine for ourselves if they contribute to a joyous life.

I try to always keep things in perspective. Not everything that bothers me about today’s world directly affects me. Yes, the sad despicable person in the Oval Office offends me, but he really doesn’t impact my day-to-day life enough to get too upset over his obnoxious rantings. As the old saying goes “This too shall pass”.

Even things like social media could become an all-consuming even for us senior citizens. I limit my exposure to them to no more than two times a day. I also choose my friends at Facebook and Twitter wisely. I just don’t find it necessary or even wise to have hundreds of so-called friends.

Practice Gratitude

In other words, be thankful for what we have and not what we might want at the time. Even have gratitude for things that challenge us. I’m sure those things won’t be hard to find in the coming election year. 😆 Every day I close off my morning shower thanking my creator for the day I had yesterday and asking for another today.

While I don’t do it everyday I have made regular written journal entries most of my life. It now contains thousands of entries. In that journal I try to include the simple things that make my life joyful. They could be as simple as saying how much I enjoyed dinner last night or even the insightful blog post I made that day. When our lives race at a breakneck speed we often take simple things for granted.

These are a few of the things that bring joy to my life.

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