Having My Doubts, Figuratively & Literally

It seems that Joe Biden is the “fall-back” guy for those who want to take baby steps in recovering from the previous three years. I have serious doubts figuratively and literally on that approach. That is what this post is all about.

I turned 73 a few weeks ago and Joe is four years older. I realize that age affects each of us differently, but I kinda see many similarities between him and me. I will come out with the biggie first.

I find myself sometimes struggling for the thoughts that were once on the tip of my tongue.

It’s not that I have “lost it”, it is just that things go missing on occasions. But then again, if I have lost it, I would probably not admit it.🤪 I know that this stuff is not unique to me. It even has a name called “Senior Moments”. A password that was once on the tip of my tongue now has to be looked up. Even though my post regularity hasn’t changed much in the last few years, the process for putting out posts here at RJsCorner has. I still got what it takes but it just takes longer now than even a few years ago to make each post a reality.

I see Joe stumble on things as I do. He at times just seems pretty confused to me. Sometimes the words are just not there, and he says things he knows don’t adequately address the subject. Yeah, I know he has always been like that, but not to the degree he stumbles now.

My stamina and balance are precarious now. Sometimes I think I am just an accident waiting to happen.

I don’t get as much exercise as I know I should, so that is one of the reasons for my decrease in endurance now. But, I also know that part of aging is the loss of muscle mass. In his last few years my father lost almost thirty pounds of muscle, and I kinda see the same thing in me. My balance, even though it was never good is precarious to say the least now. One of my pleasures in life the last handful of years is my solo trips in my micro-RV to various historical sites around America. I wonder how long I can keep that up. When will be my last season?

Joe can’t avoid these aging issues that I have had. Maybe they are not as visible as mine, but don’t I want a President who needs his afternoon nap in order to function. He needs to have the endurance to make critical snap decision at any time every day.

My overall knowledge and experiences are still there but I know I am losing my relevance in today’s world.

I am convinced that I still have it. Although I it seems as I get older the memory of my earlier years is lost. You might say that I have a sixty-year moving window of memory now. As one year goes by on the back end, another disappears at the front end. 🤭 As mentioned earlier my posts here at RJsCorner I have to let posts stew longer than they used to. They eventually do get done but even after the fourth edit there are still misspellings and periods where they shouldn’t be.

Sometimes I think Joe’s mind is stuck in the past. That seems to be the topic of many editorial cartoons about him lately. A real president, not the one currently there, needs to make snap decisions. Things just can’t be put off until he gets them right.

I could go on and on with these kinds of changes that are happening to me, but I think you have the idea where I am coming from. To be quite frank, I am well past my prime and see the darkness at the end of the tunnel, or is it just my mind going dark? 😂

Let’s close it up for this post. I just don’t think that Joe Biden is up to the task of being a national leader that we so desperately need now. I know he would do better than the current Oval Office occupant #CO3) but is that the bar we want to set for the second decade of the twenty-first century? We can’t afford to wait another four years before we address the fundamental problems facing our country.

The longer we put off the changes required for us to again be moral leaders of the world, the further we will sink from that even being a possibility. We need someone who is primed and ready for that gargantuan task starting immediately in January 2021.

Does that mean that no 70+ year old is up to the task? I’m not saying that but I do think we need someone who is on the uphill side of life instead of the downhill.

I just don’t think Joe is really up to the task.

5 thoughts on “Having My Doubts, Figuratively & Literally

  1. The problem with Joe Biden, aside from the senior moments, is that his IQ jumps 30 points as soon as he steps away from the microphone.He has that in common with the leader of the free world.

    It will be a sorry state of affairs if the 2020 race (arguably to the bottom) comes down to these 2 clowns in a country where the pool of potential candidates to draw from numbers in the tens of millions. The fact that Biden leads in the polls by such a wide margin illustrates how incredibly weak the rest of the field is. Unless a mystery candidate appears in the late innings to save the Dems’ bacon (not you, Hillary, please not you), I believe we should prepare for 4 more years of the Stable Genius because I think Trump would shine his shoes with Joe Biden’s tears. Imagine how insufferable Hannity would be then.


    1. I don’t know if #CO3’s IQ jumps 30 points, if it does then it must be downward.😆

      I think everyone in the existing opponent pool is imminently better than the current occupant. I think the current times are kind of like the campaign contributions. #CO3 says he has more than any of the Democratic candidates, but in reality they collectively as the future Democratic nominee have collected almost three times what he has. I am not taking the pessimistic view here as you seem to be doing. I think when we all coalesce around the nominee, it will be obvious that there will be a Democratic sweep not seen since FDR. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the current Oval Office candidate just quit rather than be so humiliatingly defeated.

      If things happen as you predict I would welcome you to come back here and say “I told you so”


  2. I’m thoroughly confused about which candidate will prevail over the incumbent, but I agree with many: I’m convinced any would be better: better versed in geopolitic, and more representative of the values we respect. I did have a personal comment, though, or, rather, a question.


    1. Thanks for the thoughts Linda. I am not settled on one candidate yet, but as you say any of them would be better than the current occupant. I guess it comes down to which one can reach out to independents and still hold the base. I just hope that after this insanity is over we can get to back two qualified candidates to vote for in the general election.

      If you want to send some private text, just click on the “Contacts” button at the top of any page to send some private email.


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