Dear Will: What’s It All About

I am going to make some basic changes here at RJsCorner for this new year and decade. One of those changes will be to make my Dear Will Letters more frequent and more prominent on my corner. That is what this post is all about

Back in September I introduced a new item entitled “Dear Will” . I promised to make it a regular thing here, but it seems I have not followed through on that promise. Call it a “Senior Moment” if you want but I kinda think it was because I just got too tied up in the happenings of the times. You know what I am talking about. 🙄 Anyway, I am going to try resurrecting that promise here again and this time I mean to keep it.

Let me know what you think? Since I have a VERY large collection of Will Roger’s words, this could go on for an eternity. 🥴 You will find it surprising how much has stayed the same in the last 90 years.

Share Your Thoughts..

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