Hoping For Reincarnation…

I knew the title above would get your attention. No, I am not a Shirley MacLaine type believer, it is just that I would really like to be around when humanity finally figures out what its purpose is. That is what this post is all about.

Even though the idea that life is a continuous circle is a fascinating one, that thought will have to be for a future post. This one is about wanting to be around for the future.

I have said several times here on RJsCorner that I was born too soon. I know we are all on this earth for a given portion of time, and then we leave to another reality. Which reality is up to which version of religion, spirituality you are attached to. We can’t choose when we are born, so we have to take what is given us. But that doesn’t keep me from dreaming of the times outside my life span.

I am a perpetual student of history. All my life I have tried to understand how we got to where we are. I am also an avid futurist, in that I like to dream about what humanity will be in a time yet to come. I knew this was my fate from early on. Even as a young boy of six I loved laying out on the lawn at night looking up at the endless stars and dreaming where I would be in the future. That practice has continued on till today and will likely not end until I do. šŸ˜œ

Now, finally getting to the main point of this post, I believe we are on the verge of another paradigm shift in humanity. The last major one was the Industrial Revolution, where a large percentage of the population left the farm for cities. The very old saying

You can’t keep them down on the farm once they’ve seen Broadway

is indicative of that era. The coming shift will be about when humanity finally finds their purpose. Like the last shift this one will not be without a struggle. It seems endemic in human nature to resist change. The status quo is a safe place to be but it is only a very temporary place that quickly moves to the past.

It is likely that the next twenty years will see more change in humanity than has been seen in the last thousand. I want to be around to see as much of it as I can. How’s that for a purpose in life? šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£

Meanwhile, I hope in some infinitely small way to get some more people tempered to embracing change instead fearing it. It is not your enemy, it is your friend or at least the only path you have forward. I also hope to get a few geared to looking at the future with optimism instead of fear. Great, paradigm shifting, things are about to happen.

How is that for a goal here on RJsCorner?

šŸ˜Š šŸ˜Š šŸ˜Š

4 thoughts on “Hoping For Reincarnation…

  1. What will those changes be, R.J.? Like you I see humanity undergoing a major readjustment in so many areas: economic systems and inequality, mass immigration, climate induced adjustments, and technology changing how people work. But, I’d be interested in your futuristic view of what lies ahead..


    1. Thanks for the thoughts Bob. I think you are right almost all areas of life will be seriously changing in the coming years. I have at least a dozen posts about them in my post queue. I post everyday and still currently have 35 posts in my draft queue and about 40 others in the ideas queue.


    1. Your prediction is certainly on track with mine Marquita. 2020 will likely be a very ugly year politics wise but then I think things will settle out and improve from there. But there are many good things going to happen, even next year, if you disregard that one. And I plan on telling you all of them in the coming year. šŸ˜Š


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