The Perpetual New Year Resolution

One of my New Year Resolutions seems to be a perpetual one with many of us. I vowed to get more exercise in 2020. But it seems to be especially important for us in our senior years. Why that is what this post is all about.

Maybe I don’t publicize this annual resolution is because it is often the first one abandoned, but I can’t keep putting it off as the clock is ticking for me, so to speak. And I suspect many of you are in the same boat.

I spent July through October last year getting rid of belly fat. I have never dieted at a serious level so that was hard to accomplish. I dropped twenty pounds and am now near my optimum weight, if I believe my PCP. 🥴 Of course the holiday season just ended resulted in a three pound increase that I am paying for now.

They say exercise is the trifecta of good health. It burns calories, builds muscle, and improves overall health. I have yet to be convinced that the calories burned really do much to reduce weight. After 30 minutes of exercise in a gym a person uses an average of 100 calories. That’s the equivalent of one small cookie! So to burn off the calories of that Big Mac and fries you had for lunch would require about five hours a day! With that kind of incentive I never seriously got me to a regular regiment of boring exercise.

Now, to finally get to the main point of this post.

Muscle mass loss begins as early as age 40 and, without intervention, gets increasingly worse, with as much as half of muscle mass lost by age 70 and then it accelerates even faster. I am at 73 now and it has become obvious that I don’t have the strength I had even a few years ago. It’s time to get serious about keeping what I got and getting back some that I have lost.

One thing I have done on a weekly basis for the last three years is to walk 2 miles at the local mall in about 40 minutes. It gets my heart rate to as high a level as my cardio meds allow. But that just isn’t enough. I need to use the muscles above my waist too. 🤨

I have had a YMCA membership in the past but just found the daily trips and the same old thing boring and didn’t stick with it. This time around I am doing my exercises at home. I have found that if I put them around something that is presently part of my daily routine I manage it without much internal complaints.

The routine that has been part of my life for a few years now is my daily nap. 🤭 I tell myself that if I want to take a nap I must first do one rep of each exercise on my agenda. Then when I wake up, I MUST do another rep. That seems to work for me at least for now and I actually feel myself getting stronger after only two weeks of it!

I will let you know how this is all going, but I am kinda convinced that this works for me. If you got any advice in this area I would love to hear it.

How do you convince yourself to exercise daily?

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