My Chaotic Brain & Yet Another Blog

This post is about the start of a drumroll to a significant change in my blogging practices. I am constantly trying to exercise all my existing talents in the time I have left, but I am also still trying to learn new things. That is what this post is all about. Well, sort of… ðŸĪŠ

I love lists and order, so I am always trying to establish a structured schedule for RJsCorner. But, my chaotic thought process keeps getting in the way. My brain just seems to be on the Autobahn 24/7 so other things often disrupt any intended itinerary. But, that doesn’t keep me from constantly trying to be at least a little predictable. My Aspie traits tell me that everything should be in order and symmetrical, but the rest of my brain keeps interrupting that idea.😎

Now on to the primary topic of this post and the background drumroll. I am going to reserve the next few Saturdays getting us ready for some new endeavors. I want to tell you about some new blog ideas I am working on. One is entitled Timeline Chronicles (subtitled) & the Yin Yang of Life. It will be about looking at various points in humanity’s history and then inventing stories by some possible characters of the time. Each episode will have two short stories about the given topic to show that there are always different ways to look just about anything. The stories will be in a narrative first-person format and will be limited to no more than a five-minute read. I will give you more details on TLC (TimeLineChronicles) later, but let’s stick to the Yin Yang portion of the title for rest of this post.

As shown to the right Yin and Yang is about dualism. It seems that we humans can’t ever completely agree on anything, even inside our own brains, and that is probably a good thing. 🙃 There are always two ways of seeing things. Understanding differing opinions and beliefs are what makes for the most informed choices. TLC won’t cover the Yin Yang philosophy, it is more about dualism and interconnectedness of our differences.

I did a long series on yin/yang so if you want to learn how it is connected to our everyday lives click here. While I don’t understand Yin/Yang beyond a cursory level studying the philosophy has improved my way of looking and the world and even understanding my personal life.