Chapter 3 – TimeLine Chronicles and A Wider View Of History

This post is about how TimeLine Chronicles, which is a new site I am now working on, is going to take a much broader view of history than anything I have covered at RJsCorner.

This is the third and final post about why I am bringing up yet another blog in 2020. As I mentioned already, the primary reason is to challenge myself to become a more creative person. I want to stretch myself into new things and experiences. I am just not one who resigns that I am getting old and it’s time to just sit back and wait for God to take me. NO, I am a person who will fight that idea to my last breath.

The graphic above is the new header for TimeLine Chronicles. I think it does a good job of telling you want I want this new site to be about. What do you think?

Ok, now let’s get on to the purpose for this post and that is to get a wider view of history. I must admit that I have been somewhat of a snob about history. I have studied very little about the history of the world and humanity as a whole.

This kind of goes back to the old saying “What do you call a person who knows two languages?” The answer is bilingual. The second question is “what do you call a person who only knows one language?” The answer is American. 😆😆

I gotta start looking at history with a broader view. As far as recorded history is concerned the US has only been around for a small segment of it. I can’t claim to be even an amateur historian and not know what happened before 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

My Timeline for TimeLine Chronicles will expand to all of written history, and at least as much as I can consume with the time I have left. It will be interesting and I’m sure enlightening to discover the history of humanity outside the USA.

Being a wordsmith I realize that the definition of Chronicle is to approach something in the order of occurrence. But, for the intent of this new blog that would be BORING. 🧐 So, I will be jumping around the timeline to keep things interesting and to keep me from getting brain-freeze. I am currently working on an opening page for this new site that will eventually show all the periods and events along the timeline that I have covered to the date of your view.

I would more than welcome any ideas you might have about my new venture, and especially how I might make it more interesting to you the reader. I say I enter these new adventures for my own sake, but I am only human, so I want others to see what I do as worth your time to read it. A good pat on the back is always an encouraging thing.

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