Why I Dropped The Google Browser

Browser Wars

A few days ago during my post about stale cookies I promised you more info about browsers, especially when it comes to privacy. That is what this post is all about.

During my post about cookies a few weeks ago I mentioned that I have dropped the Google Browser in favor of Firefox…again. I promised you I would tell you why so that you could make a more informed choice as to your default browser.

As shown here, Google is the dominant browser around today. The reason for that is that they often have the most friendly and innovative browser. Well, sort of. They put a lot of effort to always be ahead of the competition. The reason for that is that they get a lion’s share of their revenue from the folks who use their browser.

I pass through Google occasionally because of their features, but I am now in the Firefox camp for several good reasons.

Firefox doesn’t sell my data.

One of the primary sources for revenue for Google is that they sell your tracking information to their clients. You might naively think that since you use their browser you are their clients. In fact, you are actually a major source of revenue. Are you one in a thousand who actually reads the terms of use thing you are always required to click on to use just about anything on the Internet, or do you just click? If you do read those pages of agreement you know that you signed away your privacy to anywhere you go or search on the Internet.

Plain and simple, Google makes billions from your Internet life, and they do it by adding cookies to their browser on your computer or selling your address to to those who then send you email and such.

I imagine you have wondered why all of a sudden you are getting stuff on the bottom of your screen about approving cookies. That has to do with some recently approved laws. Google has been very reluctant to change their use of cookies. After all, cookies are a cash cow for them. But due to these new laws they are starting, as the snippet below indicates, to address their dependence on cookies.

As mentioned above, Safari and Firefox have already started implementing much stricter restrictions. In fact, the latest version of Firefox goes to a level not seen before in browser history to allow you personally to decide just what cookies can be put on your browser.

Long story short, I am now back in the Firefox fold for the foreseeable future. There are several reasons for that:

  • Firefox was developed by a consortium called Monzilla Foundation, which is a not-for-profit organization. They simply don’t have an interior motive to track where you go.
  • I really like the new user interface, it suits my needs quite well.
  • I am always for the underdog, especially when they provide me with a superior product.
  • Since they have only a 6% share of the market place hackers don’t want to take the time to learn how to invade their browser as they do with Google.

As a disclaimer, I am in no way associated with Monzilla or anyone else for that matter.

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