Plan Your Life As If You Are Going To Live Forever…

One thing I seem to be learning lately is the title of this post. I am a septuagenarian so that may seem like a strange lesson to learn at this point in my life. That is what this post is all about.

When I was young, I used to think up the every imaginable reason for skipping school that day. That is particularly true of the second-grade. I simply didn’t like Sister Merrilla. She accused me of doing something that I didn’t do and then made me stand on my tip toes with my nose touching inside a small circle on the black board. Thank heavens, well sort of 😅, that I got sick with scarlet fever and missed much of that year and especially that I didn’t have her when I had to repeat the grade again the next year. But, that is another story…

Here is the main topic:

Don’t shut down before it is really your time to HAVE to shut down.

I don’t know if my second-grade experience taught me the opposite of this lesson or if it came from another source, but so many times in my life I often looked for an excuse to not do something I really didn’t want to do. Often times that something was simply something that brought about stress. When I had a big test coming up I imagined that I was coming down with some serious disease. When it came time to step out of my comfort zone I would suddenly get dizzy or have some other imagined malady. Of course, after I forced myself to do the thing I regretted, I saw the foolishness of my actions. But, I just didn’t seem to learn that lesson when a future event occurred.

I know I am not the only person to have this condition. My wife has always felt sick before every major vacation we have taken in the last 30+ years. She dreams up reasons for not having to leave the house. But, as soon as we are out the door the suspected illness disappears, and she most often enjoys the time she once dreaded.

Now to get to the closing lesson. Lately I often wonder how long will I be able to take my solo-trips during the summer months? I imagine the worst things to happen because I am old! I go through scenario after scenario of what would happen if…

About a month ago, I finally got it through my thick head to quit worrying about what might happen and just plan on another season. Last year was going to re-enactments and car shows. This year it will be going to State parks and visiting all the county seats around them to take pictures of small-town main streets for use in my new hobby.

How about you? Do you come up with excuses for something you don’t feel comfortable doing?