Everyone Has A Dark Side…

Whether you want to admit it or not, everyone has a dark side. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be human. In this post I am going to reveal some parts of my dark side! Why am I doing that? Because I am an idiot! 🤣

I grew up in a very conservative environment. Of all my high school classmates of the 1960s who are now on Facebook, most are part of the MAGA cult. That is one of the reasons I threw away my old Facebook identity. I just got tired of all the screaming about the liberal agenda and how it is destroying the America that they love so much.

Like everything one else, I am made up by my life experiences. So, those years are a part of me and still account for some of my dark side. I can only thank God that she showed me a different way to look at the world. Many of my past classmates still live in that isolated atmosphere but thankfully I moved on to a more enlightened life after my high school graduation.

Another dark side is because of my Aspie traits. Don’t don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying that Aspies are dark but some characteristics labeled as Aspie traits are similar to dark side. What I am talking about here is that I take just about everything personally. That is I see the world primarily how it affects me, not how it affects others. But that doesn’t mean that I am a narcissist like you know who, or that I don’t have empathy. In fact, I have that in spades. It is just that I imagine their circumstances in my shoes instead of the other way around. If that doesn’t make sense to you, that’s OK because it doesn’t make much to be either.

Another dark side is that I too often look down on others as not being as aware, or maybe as smart as I am. That is especially true of those I see as proudly ignorant. To me those folks are simply idiots. How can anyone be proudly ignorant?

I also have a strong prejudice against fat people. I just can’t understand as some tell me that their life circumstances often dictate that they be obese. To me people who are obese just don’t have the will power to push away from the table. They consume three to four times the calories they need daily. The utter absurdity of this condition is that some celebrate their obesity as a good thing. That is totally unconscionable to me. It’s about the same a celebrating cancer or heart disease!

The redeeming side of all my darkness is that I realize it is darkness and try my best to find ways to ameliorate those traits. I, unlike the proudly ignorant, know there are dark sides that need my attention.

If you care to share some of your dark side, climb aboard with a comment. 😎

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