We Need Driverless Cars, NOW…

With all the distracted drivers out there, we need to get them out from behind the wheel. That is what this post is all about.

They say that driverless cars will be common on the road before the end of this decade. While that is a wonderful thing, it needs to happen now! Too many of us techies, and even non-techies, are being distracted by our gadgets. Thinking it is necessary to risk life and limb to see the latest Tweet that your phone just told you about makes driverless cars a high priority in my mind.

Given how the average person is now on his cell phone more than four hours per day, I don’t think we can convince ourselves to wait until you park before looking. But I don’t want to put all the blame on those who tweet. I’m pretty sure almost all of us, or at least those under 50, use GPS to tell us how to get to where we want to go. Turning that off would make no sense, would it? I will admit that there are times when I am on the road on my regular uRV trips that I spend too much time looking to make sure I am on route and have sometimes almost run off the road!

We can’t wait another ten years before we leave the driving to our on-board virtual friend.

I suspect that when the millennials are grand parents their grand kids will say in shock “you mean you had to control your car yourself back in those days!! How archaic!!” Then again the kids will probably never understand their grand parents obsession with their phones when they were kids.

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