The Downside To Access…

Being able to stay informed on something, especially something fearsome, is not always a good thing. That is what this post is all about.

Even now, it is hard to remember how difficult the accumulation of knowledge was before the Internet. If I had to decide what has been the most significant accomplishment during my 70+ year lifetime I would undoubtedly say it was the Internet. I can still remember my college years when I spent days at a time trying to learn something that now can be accomplished in minutes.

Writing an English composition was grueling. First, go to the library and search through thousands of 4×6 index cards that might point me to a bookshelf where, if I read for hours, might provide me with the info I needed to finish the composition. And I did the above far more times than I care to remember.

The ease of discovering that info today by a simple Google search was unimaginable to me back then. But of course, almost everything in life has a backside, or as I have said here Yin/Yang. For every privilege that the Internet provides it also provides some minuses. One of those privileges is sometime drowning in information overload.

I can remember at the beginning of this Internet Revolution the saying

Drowning in data, yet starved for information

There is sometimes just too much information that can seemingly overwhelm us. I kinda think that is occurring now with the pandemic we are now facing worldwide. You can’t turn on a TV, read a magazine or newspaper, or browse the Internet without being drowned with the deadly possibilities of the Coronavirus. This overload is getting to many of us, me included.

In some ways maybe it would be better if we didn’t know so much about this topic. We could just go on with our lives ignorant of the surrounding danger. I suspect this worry primarily resides with those of us in our 60s and beyond. After all, most of us, even if or maybe when we get it will be sick for a few days and then get better. Even those informed experts on this pandemic say that eventually it will run its course and then pretty much die out as most epidemics do. It is just a matter of how long that takes. It is not about if but when.

Most of us are now in a new world. Our schools are closed, and we are all encouraged to stay at home on cook for ourselves instead of going out to eat. Our world is changing, at least temporarily. I wonder when this is over if we will learn something valuable from our current conditions. Will this bring back memories of when the family unit was the central part of our lives. Will we realize that we actually enjoy eating our meals together and being a family again.

Everything in life has a Yin/Yang.

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