Down On The Farm…

Yes, the future with its constant and rapid change is coming to the farm. It will eventually change everything about how we get our food. That is what this post is all about.

Before you chime in yes, I realize that for the existing farming methods there are things like GPS driven tractors and iPhone apps to help manage when to turn on the farm irrigation system or to spray the required fertilizer or pesticide. But that is not what I am talking about here. I am talking about a radical paradigm shift away from traditional soil-based farming.

Why would we want to do that?

There are several reasons. But in my mind the primary one is global warming. Everyone, except the MAGA cult, knows that our use of fossil fuels is one of the primary reasons for global warming. Does it really make long-term sense to grow our food and then have to ship it via diesel-powered trucks thousands of mile to get it to the customer while it is still “fresh”? Wouldn’t it be better to pick the daily crop and have it on the grocery shelves within a few hours each day? And then there is air pollution. The current pandemic has shown us that if we give up our fossil-based fuels air pollution will rather quickly go down and that is good for the ozone layer.

If you really interested in this new method of farming, you should read my source article which shows thirteen different ways that today’s technology will be accomplished. Click here to see the article.

If you don’t have the time to go there then watch the video from the article here:

Vertical Farming Video

What piqued my interest about these alternative methods of farming was that I came upon such a farm in central Illinois last year. It was a massive building that grew tomatoes and such by the vertical method. It is happening today and will accelerate even faster than most can realize.

If all of these new technology approaches to farming is not enough then we also have to realize that as our planet warms there will be fewer and fewer places that will be viable for traditional farming methods. Every year California faces water shortages that threaten our food supply. How long can the keep supplying the nation with its veggies?

It just makes sense that we should grow our food very near to those who will buy it.

Of course, vertical farming is done in a very controlled and ideal environment. There is no need for artificial fertilizer, pesticides, or even much, if any, soil or water. I imagine that some of you might be saying that greenhouses have been around for probably a century now the current versions have advanced beyond anything you might be thinking.

These types of farming methods are not conducive to our current addiction to animal flesh. For that we need lots and lots of corn. But that is also changing. More of us are now eating a small fraction of beef and other high fat sources than we used to.

And if everything you have seen so far has not convinced you that there are some really exciting changes coming to the farm then maybe this one will.

It has been found that some Earth’s plants have fallen in love with metal. With roots that act practically like magnets, these organisms — about 700 are known — flourish in metal-rich soils that make hundreds of thousands of other plant species flee or die. In the future, that may be one of the methods that we obtain some of our mineral needs.

The farm may soon be nothing like we see today.

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