We Are Not A Hopeless Victim…

In light of yesterdays post about the world having pity on us, I thought I had better put out an immediate post about how we can show the world that we are doing something about our condition. That is what this post is all about.

Let’s face it, our times are not what we want by any means. But do we really have the will to change our current circumstances or are we just hopeless victims? We as a country has never been led by anyone who is openly malicious, or intently cruel, or unapologetically ignorant. If we don’t recognize just how sick we have become we will very likely crumble like other failed empires such as the Roman Empire, the British Empire, or the Soviet Empire. If we refuse to see how sick we are then that will certainly happen.

This has to be the day when we The People decide together to elevate our country to a higher calling. In my heart I truly believe that a big majority of us won’t tolerate the intolerable, we will no longer suffer the insufferable. We will no longer allow the gap between rich and poor to become wider. To be the combatants for America we must let our elected leaders know that what they are doing is totally unacceptable to us. The way we do that in a democracy is by the vote.

Given all the despotic circumstances we must be ever vigilant to make sure that our ability to vote is unencumbered. Whether you want to face it or not this pandemic will likely be very much with us this coming fall when we are supposed to go to the polls. We have to make sure that ALL of us who have the right to vote can easily do so. It would be great if we could leap forward to secure electronic voting but I know that is just not possible given the snails pace of our government. The only viable option is a mail-in ballot over at least a ten-day period.

We are not helpless victims in our current circumstance, we must fight for our better selves.

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