#AloneTogether – Spring Feeding Frenzy

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With this post I am bringing up a new category here at RJsCorner entitled #AloneTogether. For the most part it will be pictures and short stories from around my homestead that I hope will brighten your day. I am also hoping that some of you will share your #AloneTogether stories with me and my readers. 🥴

Let’s get started…

I realize that many of you don’t have forests around your home as I am fortunate enough to have. So, for this post I give you yesterday’s feeding frenzy at a nearly empty feeder. I am going through about 50 lbs of seed a month now! But, it’s worth it. 🤪

If you like what you see, you might enjoy my new blog over at MyViewOfTheWorld. It is all about creativity and nothing about pandemics. I think it is a nice place to escape to once a day.

Escape the World For a Little While