I Don’t Want To Be Inconvenienced

This post is about the three pillars of keeping this pandemic in check. I am giving some the benefit of the doubt by saying there are still too many who don’t understand them and why they are necessary.

Here we are almost four months into this pandemic, and there are still millions of us who don’t know much about it. Some are just against everything, some are driven primarily by political partisanship, and there are some who simply don’t care about anyone but themselves and their tribe. But, I am hoping that most of us want to be informed on how to best make this pandemic a thing of the past.

There are three things that if each of us just make them part of our daily lives, we could do just that. The three things are:

Social Distancing – It has recently been determined that a vast majority of infections are due to air droplets being passed from one person to another via coughing, sneezing and even talking loudly. Maintaining a six feet social separation will significantly reduce the possibility of contacting the virus.

Wearing a Mask – everyone must understand that wearing a mask protects others from you. As the graphic to the right shows the virus is primarily passed by not wearing a mask! By refusing to wear a mask you are saying that you don’t care about anyone else enough to be a little inconvenienced.

Washing Your Hands – Things that we might regularly touch can contain the virus for hours. By regularly washing your hands you will significantly reduce the risk of getting virus yourself and then passing it on to others.

I don’t want to be the person who infects someone else and as a result possibly kills them.

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