Life Stories – I Do Pro-Bono Work, If The Price is Right

Chill Out Story

I don’t really remember where the title came from for this post, but I kinda think that getting paid for pro bono work means much more than money. In my pre-retirement life I just didn’t have the time to do much volunteering. I did do a bunch of maintenance work for a downtown Catholic diocese that just didn’t have the money to hire a professional. I was paid something much more valuable than money for that work and that got me into it in my retirement years.

I spent eleven years of my retirement life cooking meals at a homeless shelter/soup kitchen. I wasn’t paid a dime for all those years. In fact, I usually gave them about $400/month in food and supplies. But what I got in return was much more valuable than cash. Getting to know the workers and other volunteers there enriched my life substantially. Getting to know those who frequently the kitchen greatly expanded my understanding of the world around me.

I don’t do this anymore as my bones just can’t tolerate standing on concrete for that long now. But, I treasure the memories…

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