The Best Is Yet To Come?

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I have been living by this mantra for most of my life, always dreaming that my life will get better if I really want it too. But, since I have lived on this earth for more than seventy years and likely only have a handful left, maybe I should accept that the best is past. Given the pandemic and all the anxiety that it has aroused in me, I kinda think that the best is best remembered, at least for me.

I have had a lot of “best” days in my life. Maybe I have had my share?

Going forward I am resolved to making each day the best it can be, under the circumstances. But, I kinda think, except for one thing, my “10 Best Days” list is pretty much set in stone now. That’s OK, I don’t mind.

But I will say that one thing mentioned above will be when that arrogantly ignorant narcissist no longer occupies the Oval Office. If they have to drag him out that would even make a best day even better.