Take My Wife – We Were Meant To Be Together

It seems that people are always dreaming of finding their true companion in life. But there are so many angles that are played, it’s hard to figure out just how to do that.

Take my wife…. please

Seriously though, my wife and I are almost exact opposites except for one thing. We each have an extremely excessive share of orneriness. I think part of that came from both of us living the single’s life until after the age of forty. We were both set in our ways of doing things and it seems that neither of us are very willing to change that just for the sake of compromise.

We have been together for 34+years now, so I guess we are doing something right. We were meant for each other in that no one else would likely have put up with either of us. My wife is a strange person but maybe, just maybe, I am stranger. But I would never tell her that.

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