Take My Wife – It Just Didn’t Work Out.

A couple in Hollywood got divorced. Then they got remarried. The divorce just didn’t work out. Take My Wife, Please! – Henney Youngman’s Giant Book of Jokes My wife and I are almost complete opposites, and we are getting worse as the years go by. Sometimes I am amazed that we are still together 34 after year! A part of the answer to that question … Continue reading Take My Wife – It Just Didn’t Work Out.

Take My Wife – We Were Meant To Be Together

It seems that people are always dreaming of finding their true companion in life. But there are so many angles that are played, it’s hard to figure out just how to do that. Take my wife…. please Seriously though, my wife and I are almost exact opposites except for one thing. We each have an extremely excessive share of orneriness. I think part of that … Continue reading Take My Wife – We Were Meant To Be Together

Looking For Your Soul Mate

This post is about the journey of finding that person who makes you feel whole. The person who you want to spend your life with. What I say just might surprise you, especially coming from a seventy-three-year-old.

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Satisfying Retirement and RJsCorner

One of my regular blog reads is Satisfying Retirement from Bob Lowry. Bob’s blog is much more popular than mine and as a result of him mentioning RJsCorner in his¬†blog list, I get quite a few referrals from it. Some of his readers who visit RJsCorner might be interested in how very different people can become friends. Over the years we have become pretty good … Continue reading Satisfying Retirement and RJsCorner