For The Times, They Are A Changin…

I can see in the not too distant future a revolution coming that will make what us Baby Boomers created seem minuscule in comparison. Yeah, we had our days but now we seem to be more a source of the problems than solutions. Just look at our “Senators and Congressmen” who are stifling any possible change to keep our planet healthy or to live up to our principles enshrined on the Statue of Liberty.

I guess too many of us Baby Boomer have now become what we despised in our youth. We are the primary part of the “fearful” who are resisting changes that will benefit future generations. We have become part of the problem. Shame on us. How did we allow that to happen?

As for this Baby Boomer I will join Millennials and Generation Z in forcing change and if they continue to stand in the hallways and block up the hall they will see the wrath of some, the times that are a changin.

It’s time for an overhaul of the way we do business in our country. Maybe the battle outside is not quite ragin yet but the fire is lit and growing daily.

  • We need true justice for all
  • We need new rules on how our police force operates
  • We need a super strong frontal attack on stopping the damage to our planet by our use of fossil fuels
  • We need to respect each other regardless of our physical and political differences
  • We need to once again welcome those who come to us with a desperate heart

What has happened to our American Ideals in recent years are a disappointment, but that does not make them a lie.

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