Freedom From Religion & Land Grabs

I know it seems like I have more bad stuff to say about the U.S. than good but that is only because I want it to be better and better. A couple of the things I most admire about my country is its principle of “Freedom of Religion” or maybe more as Jefferson intended “Freedom from Religion”. We simply will not tolerate one religion forcing their belief on other religions. In that same light I am a strong advocate of “Coexist”, that is all religions should agree to coexist with one another. If they just did that most of the wars in the world’s history would have been avoided.

Another principle that I greatly admire is that the U.S. does not invade other countries with the purpose of taking their land into our domain. Yeah, we do have a problem of invading others in order to force them to conform to our version of capitalism/democracy, but we don’t steal their land in the process. All the wars in my lifetime have been about invasions and land grabs.

Ok, now getting on to the core purpose of this post and that is our support of a country that is a theocracy and has constantly invaded their neighbors for the purpose of confiscating land. I’m pretty sure you know I am talking about Israel. What happened to those of that religion during WWII was a major atrocity. Millions died at the hands a very unstable dictator simply because of their religion. We should sympathize with them but giving them unconditional support when they undermine the two above principles is not something we should have ever done.

I know that the Jewish vote and monetary support are important to both political parties but I think it is time to tell Israel that our support is not without some conditions that are foundational for us.

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