Twitter Is Like Writing On A Public Toilet Wall

I heard the title above recently, although I don’t remember where, but it stuck with me. I will admit that I seldom even look at that site since you know who starting using it to spread his hateful lies. I’m sure that is one of the reasons I boycott it, but it is not the only one.

Conspiracy theories thrive there as well as some very abusive lies. It seems that Jack Dorsey, the owner of that media, just doesn’t care much about his invention being used in such a scandalous way so nothing is likely to change in that regard. Twitter has about 150 million accounts and about 30 million are daily users (about 8 million of the daily users are Americans).

I’m going to put out my conspiracy here and say that a significant amount of those 48 million American user accounts are actually Russian spammers and other government officials. I’m sure they love Twitter as their output is seldom challenged there. They can seed many lies and allocations and even if only a few of them sprout that is enough to do the harm they intend.

Will our unchecked freedom of expression be our final downfall?

Enough said…

3 thoughts on “Twitter Is Like Writing On A Public Toilet Wall

  1. I’m fascinated by social media sites, not enough to frequent them mind. I do belong to a few, Twitter being one. I tend to scan all on occasion, allotting only seconds to each, much the same way I scan bathroom walls when I see something written on them. Nothing much sinks in though. I do wonder however, if people had the opportunity to say out loud what they post, would they?


    1. Thanks for the thoughts Jen. I am a quasi Facebook user and do scan it once a day to see if any of my very small clan have any news. I like you last question. Since there is no accountability to the words put there people tend to let their dark side rule in those mediums. I am becoming convinced that if our democracy fails it will be because of anonymous words took it down. Everyone should “own” what they put in cyberspace. That would solve many problems.

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