Introducing RJsWorld – A New Way To View My Blogs.

Being a blogger is a major activity in my life now. It allows me to make connections with people around the world. I have been blogging since 2008 and have written thousands of posts in about a dozen different blogs. RJsCorner is the most successful if I use the volume of visitors as a metric but, I also have three other blogs that I treasure that are still active and get regular views. To encourage you to see other sides of my world I have put together this new front-end interface with all four of my surviving blogs readily accessible. It is at

Besides RJsCorner, here are the other blogs available through this new interface:

MyViewOfTheWorld is the new kid on the block. It has only been around for about 5 months now. It is where I let my creative energy sprout. I try to keep it totally about creativity, the process and the output. Sometimes it is most uniquely mine and sometimes I borrow things from other creative people. But, I try to always make it entertaining.

InSearchOfAmerica has hundreds of pictures and information about many of the places I have visited around the US with camera in hand and history in mind. It can be just an escape from today’s worries or a source for future trips. Unlike RJsCorner it is not date but location specific. It is also like Leaves Of Grass by fellow Hoosier Walt Whitman in that I will be constantly updating and expanding the stories about each of the locations as the opportunity arise.

RedLetterLiving is the first blog I started in 2008. It currently has regular posts from 2008 to 2014 when it went into hiatus. It has been resurrected for a while in 2019 and will go active again very soon. With basically very little new content in the last six years it gets an amazing number of daily views RLL still gets. It tells the story of my evolving spiritual life over those six years. I was originally on a journey to discover how closely various Christian churches clung to the words of Jesus. It was a search of six years that basically ended in disappointment and resulted in my present claim that, I am a follower of Jesus but not necessarily a Christian. Due to the devastating things that are currently happening to Christ’s church lately I decided to bring it out of hiatus to let people know that white Evangelicals are not the only or even majority of Christians in the US. I can’t let the church’s destruction happen without doing my part in giving out a clear message about the words of Jesus.

I hope that RJsWorld will give you a clearer view of who I am and where I stand in many areas of life.

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