A Hidden Ambition…

One of my many hidden ambitions is to be a life coach. Someone who gives advice on the direction you might take to in your future. But, in some ways that is what RJsCorner has always been about. It is about me telling you stories about my life and its ups and downs and challenges along the way. I jokingly say my goal is to show you how it shouldn’t be done. But of course there is a bit of truth to that.

If only I had the ambition and knowledge when I was 12 years old that I have now I expect things would have been quite different. Here I am at the age of 74 in a couple of weeks still trying to figure out what happened to all my dreams and what I want to be when I grow up. Why did I accomplish only a few of my dreams? It’s not as if I can really do much about them now but maybe I am working up the courage to understand that some of my dream are still accomplishable.

I say according to my genes I have another four years on this earth, but is that really an excuse for giving up my aspirations? You never know how long you will live so maybe you should live your life as if you were to live forever. In other words, don’t give up before your time. As long as you are breathing you still have opportunities to fulfill your dreams. How’s that for life coaching? 😎