There Is Always A Tomorrow

(Until there isn’t) Procrastination is an integral part of humanity. We put off till tomorrow what should have been done today. There is always a tomorrow, or is there? You should never give up on life until you take your last breath. It’s just too easy, especially for us old folks, to just give up on our dreams because we see the end of the … Continue reading There Is Always A Tomorrow

A New Morning In America…

Now that the current Oval Office occupant has been defeated, it’s time to look once again to set a course to a bright future for our country. I hope that we the voters have learned a lesson from the dark days of the previous four years. But even more so, I hope that eventually we can once again come together in some semblance of bipartisanship. … Continue reading A New Morning In America…

I’ve Always Been A Writer… Except When I Wasn’t

Let’s get away from politics for at least today. I have always been a dreamer making up stories about where I would be in my life xx years in the future. Those early dreams spanned from being a Van Gogh suicide all the way to being famous like John Steinbeck or Jack London (Will Rogers would be added a little later). My college years pretty … Continue reading I’ve Always Been A Writer… Except When I Wasn’t

I Don't Dream Much About My Future Anymore…

As I have said several times here at RJsCorner, I have always been a dreamer, even in my very early years. But for the most part my dreams have dramatically changed now. That is what this post is all about.

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Bright Ideas

I don’t know about you, but I just can’t seem to simply sit down in front of my computer monitor and come up with ideas for posts here at RJsCorner. In the cold weather months I post daily here, so where do all the ideas come from? That is the topic of this post.

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Painting with Words – Mesa Verde

I am a dreamer to my core; it is just who I am.That is simultaneously a curse and a blessing.I recognize how things are but imagine them to be better.There is no place better to do that than Mesa VerdeMy first visit there seemed almost spiritual.I could almost see my ancestors living their daily lives.How they got there no one really knows.Why they left is … Continue reading Painting with Words – Mesa Verde

A Lot Of Noise Goin On…

I don’t know why I seem to be so fixated on sounds lately let alone poultry stuff.  My daily and weekly posts here are RJsCorner are now named after sounds (cackle and squawk) that chickens make. I need to get to the underlying reason for this. 🙂  I lost my hearing thirty years ago, and since then my brain has forgotten what many sounds sound like.  … Continue reading A Lot Of Noise Goin On…

The Dreams Of The Future..

   Thomas Jefferson is my favorite writer of all time.  He was not a good public speaker but he sure knew how to put pen to paper. He was also a very prolific writer. His archive spans thousands of letters and treatises about a wide variety of topics.  He loved studying history as his library showed but more so he loved dreaming of the future. … Continue reading The Dreams Of The Future..