A New Meaning of “Survivalist”

I think for most of us the term “Survivalist” means a guy who is hunkered down in Utah/Montana/Wyoming and has a large stash of guns and apocalypse rations waiting for Armageddon and all those who will attack him when it happens. But, maybe we should be expanding this definition to include Evangelicals and others who are in the bunkers against the imagined big bad world out there.

They see their world disappearing and will fight to the death to prevent that from happening! It is obvious to me but maybe not you, that this group is responsible for #CO3 (current Oval Office occupant). They were able to put him there because the rest of us were sitting on the sidelines moaning about our poor choices.

Let’s get back to these “new survivalists”. The thing that motivates this new group is resistance to change. Things are just happening too fast for them. They want to live in a world of stasis and think the rest of us should also. Yeah, there is a good portion of white supremacy in their stand also. They see a time when white people will no longer have a stranglehold on almost everything. That scares them enormously! They are fighting for their very survival so why not call them survivalists?

One of my life’s foundations is my belief that EVERYONE should have an equal opportunity to reach their maximum potential. It should not be reserved for just a small group of wealth for the color of your skin. I think a big part of this white Evangelical crowd was coached into the supremacy stand by their leaders who have convinced them that only a very small minority, which will of course include them, will end up in heaven. The rest are condemned to hell because they don’t believe the right things. So, why not do on earth what is already in heaven? In other words, if they are destined to reign in heaven why should it be any different here?

I just wish, no I pray, that at least some of this new survivalist group will open their hearts and minds and read the words of Jesus for themselves. If they do that they will find a very different worldview than what their leaders have taught them. It’s time to give up the fear and to love even those they have been taught to fear. Even their real enemies as Jesus tried to teach them.

The tragic part of this new inclusion into the survivalist tradition is that it is a self-inflicted wound. The demise of their version of Christianity is almost assured because they latched onto a despicable narcissist as their savior, and disregarded the teaching of the one who really mattered. So, in the end they will reap what they sewed.

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