Being Held Accountable

I think the words above from Marian Lee, who self-identifies as a Progressive Christian, deserve to stand on their own, so I won’t add too much here. I can still remember the whinging that seemed to be a constant thing in our weekly Bible classes. The “Poor Me” syndrome was annoying even then, but it is especially loud today from White Evangelicals. If only they … Continue reading Being Held Accountable

If Grace Is True – Revisit #2

This is the second of three revisits to my initial posts on a book that changed my spiritual view of the world. I do these revisits so that you might better understand where I am going now by showing you where I have come from March 12, 2013. I was certain if I could preach the perfect sermon the altar would fill with people overcome … Continue reading If Grace Is True – Revisit #2

Take Back The Church Of Jesus

In case you haven’t visited here before I want to let you know that there are now 39,000+ versions of Christianity around the world. I realize that thousands of them are limited to a particular congregation who split off another body due to differences in what to believe about God, but there are hundreds of versions that have millions of followers and unbelievably many have … Continue reading Take Back The Church Of Jesus

The Trump/Evangelical Alliance…

For this Sunday’s post I want to talk about one of my primary forward-looking objectives for my blog RedLetterLiving. I have done everything I can to not use #CO3’s (Oval Office occupant) name or image on any of my blogs. But, but since he will soon slink back to gutter he came from I put his name on the graphic above. I truly believe that … Continue reading The Trump/Evangelical Alliance…

A New Meaning of “Survivalist”

I think for most of us the term “Survivalist” means a guy who is hunkered down in Utah/Montana/Wyoming and has a large stash of guns and apocalypse rations waiting for Armageddon and all those who will attack him when it happens. But, maybe we should be expanding this definition to include Evangelicals and others who are in the bunkers against the imagined big bad world … Continue reading A New Meaning of “Survivalist”

A Never-Ending Search Of Understanding MAGA.

I write a lot about MAGA folks (Make America Great Again) in trying to understand why they so enthusiastically support such a defective person. I often write about them as if they were some monolithic mass who rose from the swamps of time. Of course, I know that they are just a hodgepodge of disenchanted groups who all have one thing in common. FEAR!! It … Continue reading A Never-Ending Search Of Understanding MAGA.