Deafness = Sounds of Silence… Nah

I thought I would use this Saturday’s post as a little lesson in deafness, mine at least… 🙄

When I started my engineering life in 1970 I had at least some functional hearing in my right ear. It was enough for me to pass in the hearing world. Ironically, my first assignment was about measuring sound and that involved an anechoic chamber as shown above. An anechoic chamber is where all sound is totally filtered out. They are probably the only places on earth where sound is totally absent. Even for me, that was a very weird experience.

Some of you probably think that since I am deaf my world is a silent one like that chamber. Sometimes, like right now, that is far from the case. Along with deafness many of us have a condition called tinnitus, maybe better know as ringing-in-my-ears. I personally have a two-ring tinnitus. One sounds like an old style bell ringer from a telephone and the other is like a rumble from a train going by. Right now it sounds like I am in the middle of a tornado!

My tinnitus is ever present but for some unknown reason it varies in volume. I think most of the time my brain manages to tune it out but when it gets this loud it simply can’t do that. The saving grace is that when I wake up tomorrow morning it will likely be back to background noise again. Thank you brain for making that happen. I appreciate everything you do.😊

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