Looking Forward To Independence Day

It’s been years since I seriously celebrated Independence Day but this next one will deserve all the fireworks in China. It is only 65 days away! Maybe you were thinking of the July 4th? I am thinking of the one that is perhaps the most important for our future as a nation.

January 20, 2021

That is the day we are finally shed of that despicable narcissist. It will be his last day in public-housing but, then again maybe not? Since we now have had a look at his tax returns and understand that in the coming year he will have to pay off over $400 million of debt and Deutsche Bank is no longer lending him any money to do that. I know he will hang around as long as the MAGA/Evangelicals/White Supremacists folks still praise him, but at least it should be at the unreported dark edges of our society instead of 24/7.

2 thoughts on “Looking Forward To Independence Day

  1. Watching Trump try to navigate his upcoming debt repayment will be interesting. During the collapse of his casinos the NJ gaming commission stepped in and told the bankers they would not be getting the gambling licenses if they foreclosed on the casinos. If that had not happened Trump likely would have disappeared from public view. US banks are already wise to Trump’s default and litigation issues. They won’t lend him a dime. The only question remaining is if foreign banks are in so deep they are hesitant to pull the plug. Perhaps we will see some Trump property liquidations. Can a Trump GoFundMe site be far away?


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