Looking Forward To Independence Day

Statue of Liberty on the background of flag usa, sunrise and fireworks

It’s been years since I seriously celebrated Independence Day but this next one will deserve all the fireworks in China. It is only 65 days away! Maybe you were thinking of the July 4th? I am thinking of the one that is perhaps the most important for our future as a nation.

January 20, 2021

That is the day we are finally shed of that despicable narcissist. It will be his last day in public-housing but, then again maybe not? Since we now have had a look at his tax returns and understand that in the coming year he will have to pay off over $400 million of debt and Deutsche Bank is no longer lending him any money to do that. I know he will hang around as long as the MAGA/Evangelicals/White Supremacists folks still praise him, but at least it should be at the unreported dark edges of our society instead of 24/7.