The Stone Age

For this first Trivia Saturday post I am going back to the beginning. The beginning of us humans that is. I am no longer an Evangelical, so I can see straight out here that that was about 3.3 million years ago, not the 6,000 years I was told to believe by them. 🥴

3.3 million years ago Neanderthals roamed the earth. They lived in small groups and hunted with stone spears and axes. They gathered their food as they found it and lived in caves and stick built shelters. We don’t know for sure when fire was first used but they most likely cooked with it. They pretty much lived in this mode for 3.2 million years! It was not until about 60,000 years ago that Homo Sapiens evolved from Neanderthals and everything changed much more quickly than before. But even this change of pace was microscopic compared to today.

We now see more change in a year than Neanderthals saw in millions of years.

I guess that is pretty scary to some of us, but it is exciting to me.

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