Crazy Enough To Imagine

I, like most of you I imagine, have been in a pretty dark place for much of this soon to end year. But, who wouldn’t be given all that has happened. I won’t terrorize you with all the details except to say that it looked like, at least for a while, that the US was headed for Armageddon. 😳 The coming Biden presidency helped alleviate much of this fear, but still enough lingers to cause serious frustration.

One of the small things that helped pull me out of that darkness was the movie as shown above. It put me in a much brighter frame of mind for the future. I bought the DVD at Disney World when we visited there in April 2016. Given the guy about to leave the Oval Office and the pandemic that seems like a lifetime ago. I watched the DVD then but it didn’t have the effect on me until I rewatched it recently. Here is a quick synopsis as provided by Disney:

One of the most memorable quotes from the movie is shown below:

I know this is a big dream, but I am a big dreamer so bring it on! 🤪 I love the idea of releasing the creativity of all the geniuses, artists, smartest, and most creative people so that they can find answers to change things that seem unchangeable. Despite the obvious propensity of lazy minds in the world today there are people around who can solve most of the world’s problems if we just freed them to do it.

It seems obvious that they need to be free from all the politics and bureaucracy to actually accomplish much. When most of us see the devastating gridlock that is strangling our democracy we would never even consider becoming part of it. I recently watched a Ken Burns documentary about the Roosevelts (Teddy and Franklin) that mentioned that the aristocracy of those times would never consider getting down in the mud of politics. I think the same thing is still happening today. Smart creative people have higher visions than that.

I think of myself as a pretty creative person and one thing I detested about the large corporation where I worked for 30 years was the bureaucracy that was constantly getting in the way of doing my job. I let that, and the endless meetings simply stifle too many of my creative ideas. Why I let that happen or why I didn’t leave is a mystery to me. Ok, before I get further off track let’s get back to the main purpose of this post.

I am putting all my marbles, so to speak, on Gen-Z that they can make this happen. I know my generation, or at least some of us, tried to realize a little of this crazy dream but I just don’t think we got that much accomplished. Things are different now, many companies, especially the technology ones spur a much more creative environment where risk taking is actually encouraged. I hope this type of environment flourishes. If that were to happen maybe we will actually change things and find the people who will solve some of our unsolvable problems.

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