From Stone To Metal

Last week on Trivia Saturday I told you a little about the Stone Age. This one is about the transition from stone to metal. Around 8,000 BCE people started making simple cold-hammered tools from copper and gold. With that accomplishment, the 3.2 million-year-old Stone Age ended, FINALLY 🧐 It would be another 4,500 years before the first form of writing was invented, but metal tools was definitely a leap forward. After inventing usable tools civilization was on a fast track, at least compared to what preceded it.

Around 5500BCE copper smelting, that is melting metal to make tools, happened in the Middle East. Then a mere 2,500 years later bronze was invented. That is where copper and tin were combined to make more durable tools. Iron smelting would happen 1,800 years after that (1300 BCE). Looking back, it is amazing how slowly things evolved for the first 95% of our existence. I promise starting next week we will move into the modern era where things happen much faster. 🥸

They say we only use about 10% of our brain capacity, so there is lots left over for holding trivia.

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