Starry Night…

Vincent Van Gogh produced more than 2,000 works during his life: 900 paintings and 1,100 drawings and sketches, but struggled to make a living as an artist. He only sold one painting, The Red Vineyard, while he was alive.

Backhause, Tyler; Backhause, Tyler. 1,000 Random Facts Everyone Should Know: A collection of random facts useful for the bar trivia night, get-together or as conversation starter. (p. 96). Kindle Edition.

One of the first paintings I ever owned was this one. No, it wasn’t the original, it was a poster size copy. 😎 I was infatuated by the bold strokes, they drew me in. It would be later in my life that I found I shared much of the same world as he did. People just didn’t seem to understand me, and I certainly didn’t understand them. Some say that he cut off his ear because he had severe tinnitus. I have had that almost all my life.

Van Gogh like so many others in his time lived a meager life and died penniless. Even today it is estimated that 95% of the artists of all trades can’t make a living of their life’s passion. Yet another reason for Guaranteed Income, let them do their thing 100% and live a meager lifestyle. I think most would be delighted with that condition as their profession is more important than money to them.

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