Anti-Mask, Anti-vaxxers, Lazy Minds – One and the Same?

It seems there are various groups in this world who just don’t want to go along when the “Public Good” is the topic. They just don’t seem to care about anyone else. They want to go about their lives totally focused on themselves.

  1. The anti-maskers don’t want to be inconvenienced by wearing a mask to prevent a mere 2% of us from dying. After all, that is only a few million people. They think they are immune from the virus. If only they would look at the death statistics they might see a personal reason to wear a mask. But, I think it is too much to ask them to learn the facts.
  2. The anti-vaxxers have a myriad of reasons it seems to say no to vaccines. Some think the COVID-19 vaccine is really meant to change our DNA so that we will become robots. Some believe that the vaccines are more dangerous than the virus. Don’t bother them with the facts. They are fully into their own reality.
  3. Some have it in their mind that we don’t need a vaccine, all we really have to do is to pray harder and God will take care of it. I’m sure some even believe that the virus is directly from God who is punishing us for one thing or another. They don’t seem to understand that God did do something, he gave us the experts who through God-given scientific knowledge came up with the cure. But, don’t confuse them with the facts.

Most of these three groups and likely the rest of these anti- groups, including the ones who invaded the nation’s capital this week can be cataloged into another epidemic that has been surging through the country for more than a decade now. That epidemic is called Lazy Minds. Those are people who get something stuck in their head that evidently has caused TOTAL brain freeze. After that happens they either think they now know it all, or maybe they come to believe that thinking is an imminent danger. I don’t think we will ever find a vaccine for this condition. Instead, it will likely take generations before we can irradiate that sickness, if we even can at all. Maybe it is a matter of attrition, they will all eventually die off.

Now that the vaccine is becoming available, it was reported that about 40% of those who work in nursing homes refuse to be given the vaccine! I don’t know how they are going to handle that one? I hope when some sanity returns to our leadership in a few weeks, these particular anti-vaxxer will be bluntly told “you either take the injection or look for a job elsewhere! There is no third choice.”

If we had made masks a worldwide mandate at the beginning stages of this pandemic it would have been over in a couple of months, much like it has in China.