Jesus Was A Socialist

It’s been pretty obvious to me since I seriously spent four years reading the words of Jesus that his teaching have strong socialist roots. So, why are so many who claim to be Christian against any form of socialism? Just say that word and they go into the immediate attack mode.

That is just another of a long list of things I don’t understand about White Evangelicals. It’s as if they decided one day to make their own manifesto centered around their very sectarian beliefs. That certainly wouldn’t be the first time a group of people who labeled themselves Christian did that. In fact, it started almost immediately after Jesus left this earth.

When the Apostle Paul was struck down on the road to Damascus, he took that as a sign that he should add to what Jesus said. He should make up the rules for what it meant to be a follower of Jesus. Actually, since he only had a Pharisee view of Jesus before that day, there is very little of Jesus’ actual words are in any of his writings, but that is something for a future post.

Pharisees of that day, continuing on to today, are about making rules to live by. Since Paul was known as the “Pharisee of Pharisees” he was very well-trained on the topic of rules. If someone called you “a Pharisee of Pharisees” today, it would be one of the worst insults you could receive. In our time, a Pharisee has been reduced to a self-righteous hypocrite. But they were, and I think still are very prominent in the Jewish faith which is of course about rules for almost everything.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that Paul was a fake Christian, I believe in his heart he was doing what he thought was needed. But, was it really needed? Do we need Jewish type rules to be a follower of Jesus?

Getting back on topic, Paul was by no means the last Christian to add his versions of rules. I think that is kinda like what white evangelicals think are doing today. By today’s standards Jesus was clearly a socialist, but this group wants to erase that fact and turn him into someone more aligned with their beliefs. But, that is kind of like trying to turn an apple into a peach, they are two very different things.

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of versions of Christianity that take a small snippet of the Bible and turn it into the focus of their version of God. But, what the white evangelicals are doing is throwing out the core teachings and replace them with something almost the opposite!

Shame on them…

4 thoughts on “Jesus Was A Socialist

  1. The answer is that Socialist politicians “feed the poor” not with their own food but by forcing others to do it as a means of controlling the freedom of all. It robs a Christian of the opportunity to give freely.


    1. Thanks Plant for the thoughts, but we know that “Christians giving freely” account for only 1% of the total need. Are we to deny the other 99% so that Christians can feel good about themselves? I agree in a perfect world that Christians SHOULD fulfill this need, but it simply won’t happen, especially since so many of them don’t even see the need to help others as Jesus taught us to do in the Sermon on the Mount.


      1. That may be true what you say about Christians, and it almost proves my point. Today 100% of working Christians are forced to pay taxes to feed the poor. This seems to increase the level of poverty, not reduce it.


  2. Thanks for your second thoughts Plant, but again this doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. First of all, those who are below the poverty level pay very little taxes compared to those of us who have comfortable lives. So, Christians will not be driven into poverty, at least by the standard definition of poverty, by having some taxes taken out of their paycheck for doing what they don’t or maybe can’t do.

    The purpose of government is to do the people’s business. Of course a part of that is to provide for the least of these as Jesus told us. I suspect that the underlying feelings you have are that you should not have to pay your share of doing the people’s business. Of course, that includes: police and fire protection, hospitals and medical care, road and infrastructure, and feeding the poor.

    I have decided to give your thoughts a full post next Sunday so that others can see them than just via the comments section.


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