On The Path To Normal: What Happens After The Vaccines…

At some time after the vaccine is available to everyone there has to come a point where we open everything back up and tell those who refuse to take the vaccine that they are on their own. If they won’t protect themselves then we won’t protect them. It should be as simple as that. We can’t go on with extreme measure to protect people who won’t protect themselves.

Yes, people have a right to refuse to get vaccinated but that right has to come with conditions attached. Medical professionals, especially those in hospitals and nursing homes, need to be told that your job requires a vaccination. If you don’t chose to get it then you need to find another occupation. The same goes for teachers.

On a slightly peripheral note, the directions put out by the CDC seems to be sometimes counterproductive. They say all of us who are fully vaccinated need to do the same things as before we were vaccinated. I think that if I were one of those who decided that I would not get it, I would be asking “If nothing changes, why even get it?” I see where President Biden recently said that by July everyone should be able to get vaccinated. But, at the same time he said “maybe” for the Fourth of July, you can have a few family member together for a limited celebration!

It just seems to be the wrong messages to give to people. It basically gives them nothing to look forward to. It’s about time they start telling us some good things to look forward to.

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