Seeking US History Buffs

The very first blog I opened in 2008 was entitled InSearchOfAmerica or ISOA. It was about my portfolio of pictures I had taken on my travels around the country documenting historical sites. In those days the Internet was in its infancy so a dozen views a day was pretty good, but the blog just never grew as I had hoped. I have been trying to resurrect ISOA for the last decade without much success. The latest attempt which is still online but in hiatus is at

While my other three blogs continue to get increasing hits each week, ISOA has sadly never gained much of an audience. I don’t know why that is? I have tried several formats unsuccessfully. Maybe there are just too many picture type sources around for anyone to get much of an audience.

Anyway, with this post I am again pulling ISOA back into RJsCorner with some Sundays posts. From the low attendance of many of the physical historical sites I have visited in the last few years it seems obvious that history is just not of interest to many anymore. I guess my love of history puts me on the margins of society once again. I should be used to that as that is where a good portion of my life resides. šŸ˜Ž

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