Global Trends 2030

Before I get started on today’s list of predictions I want to admit that there are thousands of people who claim to know the future, but in reality there is no one that really knows. Yeah, we can look at what is happening today and try to project that into the future, but it is really just a guess.

That being said, I enjoy looking at what tomorrow might be like, even if it is just a guess. I am an optimist at heart so, of course, I give you possible futures where we are better than we are today. That is called being a progressive, and I am definitely one of those.

Let’s get on to this pick of the future in 2030. I likely won’t be around then, but it is still fun to dream of what you guys who will be here might be living with. 🥴 As is often the case this list comes from Frank Indiana’s blog site. I’m not going to parrot the reasons for the below list, if you want to see what the source says go to his website. I’m just going to do the fun part of commenting what I see at the positive, and a few negatives, about each item

  • There will be more grandparents than grandkids
    This basically says that the ever-increasing world population will turn the corner in the coming decade and that’s a good thing. It will make it easier to combat global warming if there are less of us to add to it.
  • The middle class in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa will outnumber the US and Europe combined.
    The way that China is continuing on a fast-track of modernization this prediction is sort of a no-brainer. China’s middle-class is growing by leaps and bounds, so of course, they will have more say about many things in the world. I wonder how capitalists will handle that? Will the two types of economies somehow merge into one system? No, I am not talking about by the end of the decade but somehow or another each system has to live with the other.
  • There will be more global wealth owned by women than men.
    I think what this really says is that women will be breaking more glass-ceiling as this decade goes along. It will no longer be a world of Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, there will be a long list of women who will be included in this exclusive club.
  • There will be more robots than workers
    This prediction is probably one of the easiest to make as robots are quickly replacing humans in work that requires no creativity or intellect. That, eventually will be a good thing, but getting there will be troublesome due to the number of worker who are totally unprepared and untrained for this eventuality. One thing that needs to happen is to pound it in our brains that education prepares us for future jobs. There just won’t be any jobs around putting a nut on the end of a screw for hours a day. Robots will thankfully take over those tasks.
  • There will be more computers than human brains.
    I know the computers in my household outnumber the brains by at least 10 to 1. Yes, that includes my Macs, laptops, iPads, and Apple watches, but it also includes a toaster, refrigerator, washing machine, water heater, furnaces, TVs and probably a dozen other things that I can’t think of right now. 🤪

For those who fear the future as being different from the past these predictions will be very troublesome. For those who appreciate mankind progressing to a more intellectual existence it will be an exciting era.

2 thoughts on “Global Trends 2030

  1. I am pretty sure your second point happened several years ago. Just India and China middle class is about 750 million and I assure you there are many middle class people in Asia and Sub Saharan Africa. Do you believe there are not middle classes in other places then the white dominated cultures?
    I’m not fearful of the future. It is going to be quite a ride! I am looking forward to a new group of people who come to the US because they believe in the dream.


  2. Thanks for the thoughts, Jabow. Welcome to RJsCorner. According to the statistics I have Asia/Africa have a way to go before they surpass US/EU. Of course, I know there are middle-class outside of white cultures in fact, I celebrate that. Everyone should have the opportunity to live a comfortable life. Yeah, the next ten years will be quite a ride.


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