LOM – Some Are Forced, Some Seek It Out…

Some people are forced to the margins, some seek them out, but for most it is likely a little of both.

Being marginalized against your will is most often a bad thing. But sometimes good things can come from being forced there. Things that result in positive action. A case in point is the Republican Party’s attempts to keep people of color from voting. That forced marginalization actually resulted in Virginia turning from red to a solid color of blue in the last national election. There are simply so many examples of forced marginalization, it’s hard to pick just one for example for this and future posts. But, the idea of this blog is to treat each one as an event that personally affects many others.

I have been forced to the margins by:

  • Having Aspie Traits – Even as a young kid I realized that I was different from those around me. That fact caused me to have low self-esteem for too much of my life. I was, and still am very clumsy as social interactions. Even at 70+ years I have yet to figure out stuff that is natural to most. Things like when it is my turn to talk during a conversation, when to not verbalize my thoughts, and when to be quiet.
  • Being Deaf – being deaf pushed me to the very edges of society. Even my clumsy social interactions proved almost impossible because of the isolation of deafness.
  • Thinking for myself and Questioning Everything – I don’t know why but most everything I read or figuratively hear automatically brings us a bunch of questions. I have never taken anything at face value without some serious considerations. To be in the herd/mainstream/pack you have to not think too much. You need to go along with what you are told. That has proven almost an impossible thing for me. I have been pushed to the margins by that fact.

Closing this post out, I have spent the majority of my life on the margins. That sounds like a bad thing but for me, the margins have become a comfortable place to reside. When you are no longer smothered by the herd in the middle of the road you gain a broader perspective on life. You can understand and empathize with those who are forced to the margins against their will. You understand the true meaning of the Sermon on the Mount. You fully understand about being your brother’s keeper. You understand how to REALLY live a Christian life.

Being on the margins makes me a more humble person than most around me.

I pray that my words here on LOM are comforting to those who have not yet come to see that the margins are indeed a good place to be.

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