LOM – A Celebration…On The Margins

I don’t know about you, but I kinda think it is time to start celebrating. We have had a dreadful year fighting this virus, but the end is now in sight. We had an anguishing four years with a ranting incompetent narcissist in the daily news. Simply speaking there haven’t been many reasons to celebrate life in general.

When I started Life On the Margins (LOM) it was meant to be a celebration of our uniqueness. We are not afraid to be different from those around us. Yeah, I recognize that many of us have been forced to the margins by the color of our skin, the afflictions we face, and just because we think for ourselves. I could spend many posts about that, but that is not where I choose to go.

LOM is primarily a celebration of our differences, our diversity if you will. Of course some posts will be about lamenting our situations and the ignorance around how we landed on the margins, but I hope to keep them at a minimum.

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If you came into this post via WordPress or an RSS feed you likely have not seen the header of LOM. It tells the story of life on the margins as a learning experience. It is about positive stuff, not the negative.

There has just been too much dark stuff lately, it is time for celebrations.

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