The Making of Lumpy Pie

Lumpy Pie is the dessert of choice for far too many of us. As you can see from the graphic above its primary ingredients are lazy-minds and proud-ignorance. For those with half an ounce of brains this pie is just too bitter for us. There is no hint of sugar in the recipe. There is no love or empathy either. Lumpy Pie is just unpalatable for most of us.

The true connoisseurs of this dessert blindly accept from the chef how tasty it is. They gobble it down with a ferociousness that resembles a starving wolf. They don’t have a mind of their own, so they borrow brain matter wherever they can find it, and that is usually from a person with a huge chip on his shoulder who has little of it to spare. How tragic is that.

One of the things these “LumpyPie” enthusiasts gorge on is the belief that COVID-19 is fake. It doesn’t exist, so why should I wear a mask or get vaccinated for it? It does no good to show them the facts here, don’t even bother.

I wrote this post as soon as I got back from the local Walmart. It seems that now almost half the people shed their mask as soon as they get by the checker at the entrance to the store. I am surrounded by LMPI people.

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