Our Federal Government Is In Serious Need Of Reform

stamp with the image of the US Capitol in Washington DC
stamp with the image of the US Capitol in Washington DC

I just got finished reading about how nursing home rating are for the most part useless. They depend entirely on the homes to rate themselves and pass a few health inspections. It was found that 5 star home fared no better than 1 star in the number of COVID deaths.

Looking at it from a higher level I see two MAJOR difficulties with government actually keeping private enterprise in line with public expectations. One is that we simply don’t give them enough money to actually do the job. The other is that the money we do give them is for the most part wasted on inefficiency and fraud. You can’t blame the workers for this, many of them are trying to do an impossible job with little or no compensation.

Of course, the lack of funding is the result of the fundamental differences between how our current two political parties view government. One says private enterprise is the primary importance. The other is that government is to take care of the people. The middle ground which most of us occupy seems to be pretty much vacant right now.

One of the recent fundamental overhauls of our society is to “defund” the police. I don’t know who chose that moniker, but it probably does more harm than good. It is not the intent of those supporting this issue to eliminate policing authority, but rather to point it into another direction. Even I, an old white man, pretty much fear the police when I come into interaction with them. I can’t imagine what it is like for a person of color when he sees the flashing lights behind him far more often than me. There are just too many in most police agencies that think of the people, especially people of color, as the enemy. Perhaps that has been the attitude for our entire existence, but it is nice to see that it is now being recognized as something that needs serious change.

Getting back to the topic of government, I kinda think the same thing when it comes to most of our political processes. There are just too many people who don’t live up to the expectations of a “servant of the people”. Mitch McConnell is the epitome of that type of politician. He sees all of us who mostly vote for the Democratic ticket as the enemy. So, maybe we should “defund” congress while we are at it.

Let’s face it, ineffective leadership spurns ineffective results. When we put people in political office with that attitude we are actually prompting ineffectiveness.

I guess this all goes back to my acronym “LMPI” (Lazy Minded – Proudly Ignorant).