Refusing The Vaccine…

The above headline came from CNN on my daily news feed this morning. It sounds pretty dreadful that 153 hospital workers have refused to be vaccinated. These are the types of titles that get all the attention. The greater shock value the more likely they will be seen. CNN, and just about everyone else, knows this.

The problem is that the title is a very misleading statement. In reality, the Houston Methodist System has 25,000 employees, so less than 1% are refusing the vaccine. But, if they came right out and said that, no one would pay much attention. Those 153 people probably don’t belong in the organization anyway, the same as rogue cops don’t belong in today’s police forces.

Almost all news sources are driven by view counts, what is reported is of lesser consequence. The second major problem is just who is the “press”. It seems that anyone can now claim that title, including me. “Freedom of the Press” is a bedrock item in our democracy, but it is getting tarnished by the change in the times.

Another example of this exaggeration is something some “notable” organization put out saying recently that less than 25,000 people are killed in shark attacks world wide. While that is not false the real number is more like 150! That certainly is less than 25,000 isn’t it?

Just like everything else in the world today. The “press” could use some major reformatting to stay relevant in today’s democracies.