End Of Life Trauma – Starting At The End

I have been away from RJsCorner for more than two months now dealing with health issues of my beloved wife. I will start off with the end and then take you through the process to how we got here. My wife of 36 years passed away on Wednesday and was buried yesterday. Yeah, we had our spats like all married couples did, but she was quite literally the love of my life.

She was also the foundation for me dealing with the hearing world and coping with being an Aspie. I am just not sure if she is replaceable in that area? Her advice to me toward the end was to “chill out and be patient”. I will try to heed her words everyday.

That’s enough for today, starting next Wednesday I will be telling you on a weekly basis about this very traumatic two and a half month period and how I coped, and maybe more importantly didn’t cope, what was thrown at me. I will limit these types of post to Wednesday so as not to depress you too much. 😵‍💫

I am still in the process of reformatting RJsCorner toward its new direction. If you have any suggestions, I encourage you to give them to me.