Form vs Function

I think most of my readers recognize the title above. “Form” is the artistic/creative side of the tools and toys around us, whereas “Function” is about how well it does the intended job. It is the analytical side. I must admit that I am stuck between these two poles, but when it comes to deciding which was to go, I almost always go to the “function” side.

Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate “form” when I see it, and I wish I could do so even more. I think I am a pretty creative creature, but now that I am trying to add decor to my new senior community apartment, I realize once again that I am just not good at knickknack type stuff. I just stumble around trying to decide if “this” goes with “that”. My wife did all that stuff during our 36-year marriage, so I am kinda like a ship out of water right now.

But one thing I AM good at is knowing when I need to know more. The vast majority of what entails my life I have learned on my own. So, the first place I headed to accomplish this decor task was e-books on Amazon. Most of what I chose has a lot of pictures. They help a little, but I am still without much of a clue.

I took a lot of decor things from our farmhouse, but will leave so much more behind. I do like to celebrate “life on the margins”, so one thing I took was a basket of red apples with a single green one on top. That has always been a reminder that it is OK to not follow the crowd. It’s OK to be a green apple. I am a one in so many areas of life. 😎

Patience is one of the virtues that my wife reminded me that I am in need so much more of, so I am trying to do this decorating stuff a little at a time. I don’t have a theme, so to speak, as the books suggest, so I guess I am an eclectic.

On a slightly connected side track, I have been thinking about where I would live after my wife died. She was seven years older than me and has been in poor health for most of the decade, so being the planner that I am, it was just natural to do that.

We visited Santa Fe, New Mexico some time ago, and I loved the place. I imagined that I would move there in the widowed part of my life. I may do that, but it is kind of doubtful now. Finally, getting to the point of this side track, I have decided to give some of the decor of my Bloomington Indiana apartment a Southwest type vibe. Yeah, I am definitely eclectic.

Any help in this area will be vastly appreciated… 😵‍💫

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