I Liked Having Another Heartbeat Around The House

Heart beat monitor in the dark

I think this is the first time in my entire life that I have not had another heartbeat in my abode. It started out with two brothers and parents, but that was soon be culled down to one brother and one parent due to divorce. In college, it was a roommate. We didn’t have single rooms in those days. After college, it was pets, and then came the big one. A wife that I never expected to have. That lasted into its 36th year, but now I am the only heartbeat in my abode. I am finding out that is lonely indeed.

Of course, what I’m mainly talking about is having someone know that you exist. I am getting to the point where I’m not sure if that is true for me any longer, at least at a personal level. She and I were exact opposites and often disagreed about things, but just having someone there to do even that means everything, it seems.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I know and appreciate that I have several dedicated followers here at RJsCorner, and I certainly appreciate each one of you. Even after 13 years of blogging, my readership goes up almost every week. This blog has morphed into many different things over its life, and many of you still stick around. I certainly appreciate those virtual heartbeats, but they can’t replace a physical presence. 😀

I very much like my “alone” time, that is when I have my most creative moments, but its nice to have someone to give you a hug or even a swat on the arm once in a while. I just don’t know how I will cope without that.