Utopia… On Earth As It Is In Heaven?

There have been hundreds of utopian communities spring up across America during its history. Some lasted only a few years, some longer, but none of them survived. I am a dreamer and when I read the words “heaven on earth” in the Lord’s Prayer, I think utopia. To me, that is what Jesus’ core message to us was. Love each other and everything else will fall in place.

I can now see that message so clearly from his words. I don’t know if that is because of all the things I have faced in the last three months, or if that insight was from another source? Maybe it is from my Quaker readings. They seem to be the only ones who practice “heaven on earth”.

There just seems to be so many people who call themselves Christians who almost totally focus on getting into heaven, and totally ignoring what is happening around them. That saddens me greatly. If only they could come to realize that Jesus meant us to make heaven on earth, not to passively wait for it to come to us.

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