Still Dreaming…

I have spent many hours in these pandemic months in my barn working on my µRV (micro RV for those who don’t know Greek). She now has a front deflector that gives me an extra three miles-per-gallon. Even though it is not shown here, she also has a third solar panel at the front to ensure the battery stays charged throughout the night.

I did take one day-night trip in her this Spring. I HAD to get away from my end-of-life trauma issues to maintain my sanity. I had dreamed of a much longer trip this fall, but then the delta variant and LMPI (lazy minded, proudly ignorant) people took over and drove us into round four of this dreadful pandemic. So, that sadly put an end to a longer trip. But, I still hold out hope for at least a three or four-day trip before the snow flies. I am a dreamer, that is what I do, but I am also a realist, that’s what pessimistic people call their dashed hopes.

My dreams now include a re-visit next Spring to my Canadian friends in the Eastern Provinces. I fell in love with Prince Edward Island (PEI) and Nova Scotia when we were then ten years ago. My wife got sick during this trip, so our intended month-long vacation was cut short. We had to rush home without giving the area the time it deserved. I am just now starting to plan out that trip. Surely, this pandemic will be practically over by then? If not, I imagine my stamina and balance will sadly put this dream on permanent hold.

But I am not going to give up that easily.

I am still dreaming…

4 thoughts on “Still Dreaming…

  1. It is so important to keep dreaming, set new goals, and make plans. Humans are distinguished from other living beings by our unique ability to hope. That is one of the primary reasons we continue to move forward, even after a personal catastrophe or encountering a seemingly impossible problem.

    Keep dreaming and planning for that trip, RJ.


    1. Yeah, that’s what it is all about, isn’t it, Bob.

      It’s been a few months since you put SatisfyingRetirement into hiatus. I hope to see you back soon in maybe a different context. But, I did want to tell you that even now, I get about 20% of my blog views from referrals from your old site. People are still visiting after all this time. I can only dream of having such a dedicated group of viewer on that scale. I do have a dedicated batch, just not in the volume of yours. 😁


    1. Look for me again this fall, probably at the same web address, but with a somewhat different focus.

      Yeah, the old site still gets 300 views a day and hasn’t been updated since early June.


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